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Brian's Story

I have always been someone who has been interested in the effects that money can have on a situation. Whether an individual family, a church, a non-profit organization, or countless other needs, it seems that money is the common denominator that every organization needs to operate. A family approaching retirement needs money to provide the income to support them throughout their retirement. A church needs money in order to reach more people through various ministries. Every non-profit has to have a budget in order to accomplish whatever vision they have. I have never believed money was important in and of itself, rather, money is important because of what it can accomplish for you and whatever goals you have. 

I began investing in the stock market while I was still in high school, and there were many days that during lunch break, instead of going and eating with my friends, I went to the library to check the stock quotes for my holdings. During college, I would sometimes be too busy calculating the interest on a given product to pay attention to what the professor was trying to lecture on. It has always been my passion to find the best use for money in every situation. 

Today, 13 years later, I am an Independent Financial Advisor with Securities America and the owner of Compass 360 Financial Solutions. My passion for helping people find the best use of their money is what drives me every day of my career. It would be my great joy to work with your family or organization in building a comprehensive financial plan, and help you in reaching whatever goals you have for the future.